Friday, August 7, 2009

Camille Keeper of the Crows

Ever since Camille can remember the crows have been attracted to her. They would sit on her window sill when she was a baby in her crib. They would follow her to school as a adolescent and through the years they have always flocked around her. She loves the crows, actually much more than people. She tells them her secrets and they tell her theirs.

With Camille I've returned to making doll clothes again. It definitely takes longer but I really enjoy coming up with my own designs and oddly enough I find all those tiny stitches to be very relaxing and I love holding and working with the vintage fabrics and trims.
Camille is the largest doll I've ever made. She measures approx 20" tall. She sports the first pair of shoes I've ever made, leather riding boots. I've always admired doll makers who actually make shoes and thought I'd give it a go. Surprisingly it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.


Jacqueline Kirk said...

She's great! The costuming is lovely and I'm glad you enjoyed it. It can be fiddly sometimes but so worth it when it goes right! : )

Abi said...

I love her and her crow!

Lisa said...

She's amazing..such incredible details.. love her hair and hat!

Sue said...

Colleen, she is wonderful! I really like her costume and know what you mean about the stitching of them being relaxing. It can be almost therapeutic.

moti said...

great job!!!!!!!!, LOVELY COSTUMINGGGGG!!!
mini- hugs