Monday, January 21, 2013

Preview of New Dolls - Jan 22 Shop Update


Its that time again.   I hope you enjoy the new girls...and boy!   All of these dolls will be available in my Shop tomorrow Tuesday, Jan 22 at 1:00 central time.  You can find many more pictures and their stories on my facebook page.   See you tomorrow!

Albert - $250

Antoinette Marie - $325

Mindy and Mandy - $275

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Preview of Dolls available on Dec 7th

Just a quick post with lots of images of the dolls that will be available Friday Dec, 7th at 3:00 central time.  To get information on how my dolls become available you can read here.

Lexie and Dixie the Pixies - $275 each

Bertrum - $275

Bertrum and Clara - $275 each

Phanie - $295

Audrey Hotovy - $275

You can see even more images on my Facebook page

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Preview Dolls Available Nov 23rd

Thanks for visiting my blog.   This post may take some time to load as it is heavily laden with images of the dolls that will be available tomorrow, November 23rd in my shop update.   You can read here how my shop updates work 

The time is 2:00 pm Central Time Zone.   To convert that to your time zone click here.   You can see even more images here

Here are the girls

Mason Joelle - $295

Alexandra Marie - $295

Sissy June - $275

Julie Ann Morris - $295

Bella Ann - $275

I hope one insists you take her home!  See you Friday!!