Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Boo Boo Boopy Blog Give Away

Welcome to my first blog giveaway!!!
This is the Boo Boo Boopy Blog Give Away and Laura is the prize. If you've followed my work you know that I've been learning gobs of new doll making techniques and Laura was one of the first that I made with posebale arms and legs.  Alas when positioning her one day I broke her upper arm (not pictured).  So if you are the lucky winner of this giveaway, Laura will  have a boo boo band aid of some sort (which is not pictured:)

Here's how it's going to work.  I am doing this to promote my beloved friends and members of ADO (Art Dolls Only) who are also welcome to participate.   Click this link  , find a doll artists shop that interests you and come back to my blog with a comment on that persons work.  The comments need to be two words describing that persons dolls.  As an example you might describe my work as polymer, creepy or sculpted, strange...get it???   So your comment would read LoopyBoopy - polymer creepy.   I know all of the members no cheating!!!

One week from today I will put the number of all the comments in a hat and have my daughter pull the lucky winners number out of a hat.  I will contact that person and we will go from there.

My main purpose, other than finding this poor injured gal a new home, is to promote the amazing doll artists I have come to know and love!  Good luck and happy doll hunting!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Deliah of the Forest

Meet Deliah of the Forest. This piece was made for the ADO

team MMC or mini monthly challenge. The theme was Mixed Up, the challenge being to create a piece of mixed up characters. My first instinct was "well this is easy, I'll just make a bunny girl or a slug boy"...but wait these MMC's are supposed to challenge you Colleen. So I got out my big book of mammals and just opened it up to a page determined to use whatever creature I opened the page to. Well it was the deer section, thank goodness it wasn't the hippo section:) I would have needed much more clay.

This was so much fun to make, her little face came surprisingly easy to me, though I guess a lot of my dolls do have doe-like eyes.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Traveling Doll Update - Team 2

Well our little dollies have finished the first leg of their traveling itinerary, it seems there has been no motion sickness or delays reported. Everyone got a little something, be it clothing, make-up, hair and one I'm quite sure was relieved to have gotten a body:)
If you would like to see the beginnings of these pieces, check my blog post here
To read more about this project check out the Traveling Doll Blog

All have been shipped to their second destination awaiting even more transformation. I'll keep you updated!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Lolita No. 8

Lolita is the 8th doll in my series The Residents of 7717 St. Charles Ave.

Lolita acquired the house at 7717 St. Charles Ave. in a divorce settlement. She never really liked the place it was big and empty and very hard to maintain on her cocktail waitress job. She worked down in the quarter at the Absinthe House. The problem was the Lolita liked the absinthe a bit too much and it was her final demise. She is buried in Cemetery #1 at Prytania and Washington.

Lolita was a custom order for a very treasured customer. She requested that Lolita be more full figured which was something new for this series. I kinda like Lolita's larger body and may do more.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

More From ADO Zan Asha

Today I would like to introduce you to another beautiful spirit and person I've met through ADO. Zan Asha at WildatHeart

Zan makes the most wonderful cloth dolls. With a background in performing and visual arts and a love for the old fashioned arts of embroidery and knitting Zan has created a style in her work that is her completely her own. As the art doll world continues to grow and become more popular it becomes difficult to create a style that is distinguishable, it's obvious Zan strives for this and has had great success in establishing her own personal vision through art dolls.

Aside from being a fabulous artist Zan is also a wonderful asset to our team. She has organized the interviews and reporting of the ADO challenges which is a delight to read every Monday on the ADO blog This week she just introduced a great doll swap event Under the Sea Swap on her own blog.

Check it out, if your a doll maker it sounds like great fun and a chance to swap with some other amazing doll artists!

Zan's enthusiasm and hard work in promoting art doll artists is what is at the heart of ADO and what makes it such a wonderful group to be involved in.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Lola No. 9

Lola was born and raised in New Orleans. She attended Tulane College where she met and fell in love with a wealthy frat boy. Fred and Lola eventually married and moved into the first and only house they would ever live in at 7717 St. Charles Ave. She loved the Avenue with it's grand old oak trees and the sound of the historic street car. One day while trimming the crepe myrtles Lola came upon a large hornets nest, hundreds of the bugs swarmed her head. She flailed her arms, spinning and jumping about in efforts to keep the dastardly critters off of her. She became disoriented and was hit by that street car she loved so much. Lola is buried in cemetery No. 1 at the corner of Prytania and Washington.

Lola is the 9th doll in this series

Monday, April 6, 2009


Lester told mom dress up day was Friday. None of the other kids had on their monster suits and Lester felt just damn silly.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Josephine A Resident of 7717 St. Charles Ave.

Josephine is the 7th doll in my series The Residents of 7717 St. Charles Ave.
Josephine had lived at 7717 St. Charles Ave for about a year before the big storm hit. Hurricane Betsy was predicted by the local weather man Nash Roberts to be the biggest and worst storm to ever hit the region. Josephine, trusted Nash but had decided she would stay and ride out the storm, perhaps even throw a grand Hurricane party. She knew her home, which was near the river banks was built on one of the highest points in the city and she felt confident everything would be fine. Josephine and her home made it through the deadly storm. Unfortunately when she stepped outside once it had past she didn't see that downed power line and Josephine was electrocuted. Josephine is buried in cemetery No. 1 at the corner of Prytania and Washington.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

ADO Spotlight Crow Haven Farms

You know those times when you meet someone you immediately fall in love with? It's an especially rare occasion when that person is a cyber friend. Michelle from CrowHavenFarm
is one of those people I've been blessed to have recently met. To boot she is an amazing doll and mixed media artist!!! Be sure to check out her fabulous blog

There is so much positive energy and enthusiasm in everything Michelle does and it is absolutely infectious!!! Michelle is a irreplaceable asset to the ADO team!!

Her work is full of character and personal's hard to miss. You can always count on bright colors and whacky patterns in everything she does.
One of her Eclectic Beings were recently featured in Art Doll Quarterly. A much deserved spotlight for a fantastic artist and person!!