Monday, February 13, 2012

Sarah Jane Tillman

Finally the day is here. Sarah Jane Tillman's annual tea party. Finally mommy and daddy would have to pay some attention to Sarah Jane, surely the would, wouldn't they? Either way all the girls were coming, silly girls that they were. They'de arrive in their ridicuous tea party hats and of course Sarah Jane would be the best dressed and prettiest girl at the event. Still, with all the joy of the day..Sarah Jane felt a bit sad. She sure wished the girls liked her a bit more. Sarah Jane cried.

Sarah Jane wraps up the dolls in this series.    You see all the gals in one place here on my Facebook Fan page

I hope you'll enjoy them.   Already got ideas for my next series...I'll just give you a hint that there is a creepy foster home.................

Friday, February 10, 2012

The Guest List Part II

I'm happy to present the remainder of the dolls from The Guest List.  You can see the first half of the guest list in my previous post.

Bethany had asked Bobby Anderson to the sock hop, he said yes, but when Sarah Jane told him Bethany still sucked her thumb he decided not to go with her. Sarah Jane Tillman just laughed.

Sarah Jane was a mean girl. Last week Sarah Jane told her that she was ugly and that God didn't let ugly little girls into heaven. Sarah Jane laughed.

Mommy said she should not hate anyone and while Wynona really tried she just didn't like Sarah Jane. She was so rotten to all the girls, once Wynona told Sarah Jane that she was a mean girl and Sarah Jane laughed.

Poor Girls.

I have of course one more doll to add to this series, none other than Sarah Jane Tillman.