Thursday, January 27, 2011

Friday, January 21, 2011

Something Different Benny

Meet Benny.  I've decided to take a day a week and work on something different from what I normally do.  Benny is what has come of those days.

I thought about approaching the head from a totally different and quite opposite direction than my normal loopy dolls.  Typically my dolls eyes are big with tiny facial features.  Benny on the other hand has teeny eyes and huge facial features.  I really like the way he came out.  He's full of wonder with a little hesitation. 

I'm looking forward to exploring new designs, it's good for my creative soul:)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Abileen on Ebay

A quick post for today.  A wonderful customer and online friend is moving to her dream house and is having to downsize.  ThimblePrimStudios is a wonderful artist and supporter of artists, be sure to check out her blog. 

Having moved many times in my lifetime I absolutely understand the need to clear out when doing so.
For this reason she is selling some of her doll collection on Ebay which includes a loopy doll. 

Click on the first image to go to the auction and the second image to go to the sold listing with more images.

I wanted to let you know abou this auction.  Aibleen is one of my favorites with her little pony tails.  This may be an oppurtunity to pick up a loopy doll at a bit of a lower price as well as help out a dear artist friend.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dolls of 2011

Happy New Year!  I hope everyone had a wonderful celebration and that the new year brings much joy and happiness to each of you.

I've been busy busy creating dollies and have sorely neglected my poor blog.
I'm happy to say that my work is selling very quickly and I'm having a hard time keeping available dolls in my shop.   I have the most wonderful customers and they have been keeping me jumping. 

For this reason I am considering changing my selling format.  I'm working up a way to have shop updates instead of random listings.  This will allow me to get lost in creating for a couple of weeks and then spend some time on the computer listing.  It will also give my customers a heads up as to when dolls will be available. 

For the time being you can sign up to receive updates of new listings through the Subscribe to Feed link in my shop (right hand side menu at the bottom of the page).  It's pretty self explanatory once you sign up.
In the future if you would like to be notified of my shop updates please sign up for my newsletter from the link at the top of my blog.   By doing so you will receive an email that will notify you of the work I'll be listing and when.

This is going to be a new thing for me and a schedule I'm going to have to develop, so it may be a month or two before I get it going.  I also wanted to give those that are interested the opportunity to sign up for the newsletter.  I will also give notice here on my blog.