Friday, November 16, 2012

Some Updates on LoopyBoopy

 Hello bloglandia, oh how I've abandoned thee.   I have recently moved my social bantering over to my facebook page.   I just find the format works well for chit chatting with customers and showing off new works.    I have no plans of leaving my blog behind entirely but I do hope you'll join me on facebook for more recent conversations and images!

  In an effort to better please my customers and clients and take care of my creative soul I am changing the way my dolls will become available for sale.   I plan to do what is  called a shop update on my Etsy page.  This is how it works.

   I will still be selling from my Etsy store but I will only list new dolls 2 maybe 3 times a month.  When I do list I will have a grouping of dolls in hopes that everyone can get the one they want!    Heres the good part, I will be sending out a newsletter (which you can sign up for here on my blog), post here on my blog and on facebook a day or two in advance letting you know the date and time of the  shop update.   I will be including lots of images of  the work I will have available for you to review.

   I will still be taking layaway which you can read my policies on here  but I won't be taking any layaways until after an hour of the initial listings.  I will work this on a first come first serve, meaning those who write me first regarding a layaway of a doll that hasn't sold in the update will get first dibs on her.

    The reason for this change?   I've been sensing and hearing from my clients frustration that I never have dolls available or they are all already reserved for someone else.   This is not taking care of my very loved and growing customer base and I want to do that better and relieve any frustration from the process.    As well, this allows me to get lost deep into my creative process without having to think of the business end which I really believe will result in a happier artist and overall a happier customers.

I'm looking forward to this change.

   My first shop update will be Black Friday, November 23rd at 2:00 pm.    As I said you can check here, in your email or on facebook for soon coming images of the dolls that will be sold.

     In the meantime have a wonderful holiday for those in the US and I'll see you on facebook!!!  And as always thank you for the support of my work!


Unknown said...

I had to comment. Nobody had commented. Thusly, I am first and you all should follow. hell, i'm a guy and i collect colleen's amazing little humans.
this is how real they are to me whether you think i am crazy or not, i open a challenge to anybody daring to describe them better....they are all genius. they are all beautiful. they are all fragile. they are all powerful. they are all insightful. they all see thru me all the time...thank you colleen.......can't wait, steve

5735 e 124th way
brighton, co 80602

LoopyBoopy said...

Steven..just saw this and wanted to say thank you for your wonderful and kind words about my work!!