Monday, November 24, 2008


I know it happens to all of us but when it happens to you it's like BAM..what the heck?? Yep I'm stuck. I've got these two pieces in the works but neither are speaking to me. It's like my creative mojo is lost and when this happens you often wonder when or if it's going come back.
I suppose it's the goddess's way of saying "you need a break dear, but you just don't know it". Perhaps she's suggesting it's time to step back, reflect, get inspired by new things...who knows. But I'll listen, impatient as I might be to get going again.

My daughter is home for Thanksgiving break this week. I think I'll use this time to be with and enjoy her. She is always a wealth of inspiration for me and spending some serious one on one time with her may be just what the doctor ordered for this ailment.


pumpkinhaus said...

I love them already loopy.... the little white faces remind me of a masquerade ball full of bawdy powdered up opera singers a la mozart... I hope you feel better after some much needed R & R. It seems as though you were possessed by the creativity demon there for a few weeks, and it left you pretty spent! Be well, and give lots o' love to lil' loopy girl!

Vita said...

hope you get through this period as quickly and painlessly as possible
I usually swich mediums when I get stuck ...just doodling helps, but then again sometimes it's just a need to get AWAY! from the table, pencils, etc.
btw the dools look fantastic.

Odddollz by Jacqui said...

Oh Loopy, I feel for you:( I know how you feel and it can be very frustrating!! I too and feeling this right now with Mary. Spending time with your dear daughter I am sure will inspire and things will flow as perfectly as normal:) Enjoy your time with her and watch the magic come back:)
BTW.....your dolls are ADORABLE as always. I do enjoy them, they always make me smile:)


LoopyBoopy said...

ooooh pumpkin the Masquerade idea may have been the inspiration I needed..thanks!!
Thanks all for your support and ideas, Vita I don't sketch but you know what it may be time for me to start..might fill this void. Jacqui..your Mary and Lamb piece is going to be phenomenal, like nothing I've ever seen, I hope the creative bug bites you and me both soon:)
poor gals are soo pathetic all nekked and stuff, thier just looking at me saying...please, please dress me.

Gail Lackey said...

Bonjour Madame Mizz Loopyboopy..You have been awarded with a major "French" award becuz yu are so Frenzh..and we hav spent a past lif I'm so shur hapily drinkin Absinthe at the Moulin rouge in Devine Decatance..You may pic up your French award on my blog to display if yu so wizh!
Merci, Gail & Miss "P"!

Unknown said...

Inspiration will probably hit you at 3:00 am, it always seems to happed to me like that.