Thursday, July 2, 2009

Iris Resident of 7717 St. Charles Ave.

These characters and their stories are keeping me up at night:) They keep coming to me at the strangest times and I guess it was just time to start bringing them to life again. If this is the first you've seen on the 7717 St. Charles Ave series you can get a little background here

I know I say it all the time but I feel like the luckiest girl alive to live in a city that is so absolutely inspiring. Everyday something or someone I see motivates me creatively. I truly am blessed.

So here is Iris.... She's a bit more proper than most the ladies I make who are usually still in their undergarments.

Iris lived at 7717 St. Charles Ave with her new, fairly wealthy husband. He had met Iris on the streets in the Quarter. Being homeless and indigent she had just recently dropped her twin girls Addy and Emmy off at St. Mary's Orphanage as she could no longer care for them. Iris's new husband was kind and cared for Iris very much. But Iris could never recover the fact that when she went to get her girls from the orphanage after her marriage they were gone, having been adopted. They said it a was mysterious death, but people who knew Iris knew full well there was no mystery, Iris had died from a broken heart. Iris is buried in cemetery No. 1 at the corner of Prytania and Washington.


Sue said...

Poor Iris!! I think she is wonderful...and look, she has already found a new home! Lucky new owner!

Kaerie Faerie said...

she is great, how do you get the skin color like that, over-lay paint? I know what you mean, usually a idea comes when I don't have a pencil to sketch, so I fume about it until I can sketch it down
wacky artistsLOL

DellaRae said...

Poor Iris and lucky Colleen...talented, too.