Thursday, April 9, 2009

More From ADO Zan Asha

Today I would like to introduce you to another beautiful spirit and person I've met through ADO. Zan Asha at WildatHeart

Zan makes the most wonderful cloth dolls. With a background in performing and visual arts and a love for the old fashioned arts of embroidery and knitting Zan has created a style in her work that is her completely her own. As the art doll world continues to grow and become more popular it becomes difficult to create a style that is distinguishable, it's obvious Zan strives for this and has had great success in establishing her own personal vision through art dolls.

Aside from being a fabulous artist Zan is also a wonderful asset to our team. She has organized the interviews and reporting of the ADO challenges which is a delight to read every Monday on the ADO blog This week she just introduced a great doll swap event Under the Sea Swap on her own blog.

Check it out, if your a doll maker it sounds like great fun and a chance to swap with some other amazing doll artists!

Zan's enthusiasm and hard work in promoting art doll artists is what is at the heart of ADO and what makes it such a wonderful group to be involved in.


Pattee said...

I love Zana's work!
She's truly One of a Kind artist.

The swap sounds interesting...


Zan Asha said...

Collleeeeen!! I am totally blown away by this and SOOOOO grateful. Oh, geez, you sure know how to make a girl cry!! Tears of happiness, but still!! Aww, shucks!! BIIG HUGS and THANK YOU!!!!

Studio At Crow Haven Farm said...

Hip, Hip, Hip HOORAY...Zan is adorable and extremely talented...I just want to squeeze her when I see her!!!!! hehehehe I'm really looking forward to the Doll Swap that she has put together for us... Amazing little thing she is!!!! Great Spotlight Colleen! Happy Cheers to ALL!!!!

Deirdra Doan said...

I posted you on my blog today!

Mealy Monster Land said...

Zan rocks!! great post.
wanted to pop in and wish you a Happy Easter!
:) Nicole

小小彬 said...