Wednesday, April 1, 2009

ADO Spotlight Crow Haven Farms

You know those times when you meet someone you immediately fall in love with? It's an especially rare occasion when that person is a cyber friend. Michelle from CrowHavenFarm
is one of those people I've been blessed to have recently met. To boot she is an amazing doll and mixed media artist!!! Be sure to check out her fabulous blog

There is so much positive energy and enthusiasm in everything Michelle does and it is absolutely infectious!!! Michelle is a irreplaceable asset to the ADO team!!

Her work is full of character and personal's hard to miss. You can always count on bright colors and whacky patterns in everything she does.
One of her Eclectic Beings were recently featured in Art Doll Quarterly. A much deserved spotlight for a fantastic artist and person!!


Zan Asha said...

So very true!! We love Michelle--and you Colleen--give yourself some credit! We have wonderful members at ADO :)

Studio At Crow Haven Farm said...

I sit here with tears rolling down my cheeks...good tears! Colleen I am the one that is so blessed to have found you and other amazing ADO Team guys truly are my sisters! Thank you so much for always being their for me when I have those little doubts swimming around in this noggin of mine! LOL I will see you one day...I say we put together a House Art Doll Retreat at my house and let's shoot for 2 years. This way we can save our money and make it freaking happen...We can make it sooner...once I hit that damn lottery...giggling! Your words mean everything to me...Love ya Sweet Cheeks!

Sugar Donkey Dolls said...

Beautiful dolls. Thank you for your spotlights, they help me find so many other artists I might have never seen otherwise. *Off to check out Crow Haven Farm*

Oops! Desperate Blogger~ said...

What a wonderful post! That Michelle is such a sweet and caring cyber friend! I could go for a retreat! What a great idea Michelle! that lotto ticket! ;-)

LoopyBoopy said...

awww Michelle don't cry:) I feel so blessed to have met through our art! I know whenever I see a post or article by Michelle is going to full of positivity and energy..I love that about you.

Gawd...yes I want to come to that amazing farm house. I like your plan but if you hit that lottery you let us know!!

And Zan you are right..ADO is a really wonderful group of artisians and people !!

Sue said...

Colleen, have to agree totally with all you have said about Michelle. She is amazing and her vitality, energy and joy of life ooze through the
internet. Reading her posts on ADO, on her blog and seeing her work - you just know that this gal is like the energizer bunny (a very friendly one!)


Pattee said...

I couldn't agree with you more.
Not only becoming a good friend of mine, she's always helpful and answers personal emails and is so much fun!

Can I come Michelle??? I'd love to go to your beautiful house Michelle!

Colleen you too are becoming a good friend..

I have to admit some of my cyber friends are better friends than the "real" ones!

Bonnie Lee Fontaine said...

All MY real friends ARE cyber frineds! You guys give me the warm fuzzies...yes, this group ROCKS!! And in the words of our darling Michelle, she's "freakin' awesome!" :oD

Odddollz by Jacqui said...

my sweet, funny, kind, thoughtful, generous, creative and just plain wonderful Crow:)
May all good things in life come your deserve it all!!
Thanks Loopy for the great interview about a great artist and friend:)
Always a pleasure to see your "colorful dolls"


Mealy Monster Land said...

Michelle rocks!!
she is a inspiration and truly a one of a kind gal!! I am so glad to have run into her in cyberspace and hope to one day hang out with her and all of you when we have our first annual Art Dolls Only Convention. LOL, well that might be awhile in the future but hey, why not!
I will bring the wine.