Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cassandra and Tessa

Thanks so much for the nice comments on my last post!

I've been working on these new dollies with the painted eyes.   A couple of things motivated me to try something new.  Well, first I just like to push myself to use different materials and techniques and have recently found the time for a little exploration, which has been fun.  I also have been wanting to make some smaller pieces, that might be a bit more affordable to most.  The element I regularly use for eyes just doesn't really allow me to work smaller so I was needing to come up with something different.  Also, as all you doll makers know you end up with a lot of scraps and pieces of your favorite fabrics and textiles, too small to work with but too precious to throw out.
These smaller dolls are a way to get to use those bits and pieces I've had around as well as some hair scraps, again too little to use on my larger dolls but too much to just throw away.

The biggest misconception is that smaller is easier or faster...HA, no way.  It seems the smaller I work the harder it gets, those tiny hands are no walk in the park.  But I do like the dainty little things.  Next week I'll probably work on some of my regular loopy dolls but I'll definitely be revisiting these mini loopys soon.


lindamay said...

I very much like the new direction for your doll's faces, especially the eyes.

JDConwell said...

So right about "smaller is more difficult"...depending on how detailed one wants to get.

Papillon Bleu said...

Oh là!là! I agree, the smaller doesn't meant faster or easier!

I'd like to congratulate you though because the faces are really sweet.

Ayala ArtDolls said...

They don't even look like made by the same person, wow! I like them though, they have an air of fragility :o)
Working on smaller size is more difficult, but soooo addictive! I have been going from small to smaller to super tiny... can't stop!

Sarah said...

I love the new eyes! Smaller but just as expressive as ever.