Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Loopy August Sale

As usual my summer postings are slim here on the loopy blog.  I've been busy with the little squid, we've been vacationing and having some summer fun.

Once a year, I like to offer some pieces at a tad bit lower prices for my customers and it is that time of year!   Click the link above to go to my shop and see the dollys that are waiting for new homes at a slightly lower than usual price.

I am currently on vacation in my birth state of Michigan.  Visiting family and enjoying the slightly, and I do mean slightly cooler weather.   My Michigan trips are also my shopping trips.  I have been scouring estate sales, garage sales for the perfect antique fabrics and trims for my dollys.  Something about rural Michigan, the vintage textiles are in abundance!!   As well my mother and my sister, both antique dealers save up their findings for me all year.   I cannot tell you how excited about the materials I have found.   I cannot wait to get home and get to work.   New/old materials are so inspiring!

I'm looking forward to fall and getting back to my doll making schedule.
I hope ya'll are having a wonderful summer!

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Karla of Dreamaginarius Arts said...

arggg! the one in the pic is sold! :( It is so cute!!

Enjoy your vacation!