Friday, February 25, 2011

The Progression of Art - Ugly to Pretty

 Somewhere along the way of this artistic journey I've been on my dolls got pretty. Of course pretty or ugly is completely subjective and this is my opinion.  I have no idea how or when this happened.  Truth is, it's been a progression I was completely unaware of.  Above is Virgina a current dolly and below is Bethany, a doll I created 2 years ago. 

Whats funny is when I made Bethany I never set out to make an ugly doll.  I was still fairly new at this art doll stuff and she is just what came out.  When I set out to make Virginia I didn't intend to make a pretty doll, again she is just what comes out these days.

 I'm very grateful and honored that people see something in what I am doing, even if my talent wasn't or isn't still yet honed. 

If I had any advice for a new and budding doll artist (or any artist for that matter) I would say that though your technical skills may not be what they will be in the future always create what is true in your heart.  Work to achieve what you want to say.  From my experience people will still be able to feel and appreciate that even if it's not yet the best you have to offer.  Art is a continuous, ever exciting journey that never ends.


sassypackrat said...

Love your dolls! Great advice and I really needed to hear it today. Thanks!

Amber Leilani said...

wow, i needed this today. having trouble with a new doll...she just will not come together...maybe i'm not being true to my vison of her?!

i was looking back through your work a few nights ago and you can definitely see the progression of your skills - but the essence of your vision is in each and every one of them. and to me, all of your dolls are beautiful!

manosdetijera said...

I agree with you. Pretty or ugly is subjective.
Both dolls are really very beautiful.
We have linked your blog in own.

Michele Lynch Art said...

Great advice and I agree :o) I've noticed that however I'm feeling that day transfers into the emotion of the doll even when I don't mean for it to. I had just posted some work I did in 2004 today on my blog, so I thought that was interesting that you were revisiting old work also! Love your dolls they are uniquely you!

Graphically Challenged said...

I love your dolls Loopyboopy, they were among the few dolls that inspired me to start my dollmaking journey this past summer.

essie said...

You wise woman!!!
So true Colleen, thank you for reminding me.
I always found your dolls beautiful, they are and always have been very attractive dolls.


Abi said...

You are so right Colleen! I saw an image of my second clay doll on the ADO blog yesterday and almost died of embarrassment! I thought she wasn't too bad when I made her a year ago (Vaudeville) now I see her and cringe - she is soooo ugly! oh god, I dread to imagine what I'll see in my current dolls a year from now! pah!
Your dolls have always looked amazing... but I understand what you are saying.

Ayala Art said...

So true!

Kitty D said...

I too have been revisiting my earlier dolls. I wouldn't describe any of your dolls as ugly. I think they are all beautiful but it is interesting to see their progression.