Thursday, February 10, 2011

Joanie and a new look at Photographing

Meet Joanie,  She wonders why people tip cows.

Today I'd like to share nother story about building friendships and sharing ideas in the art doll world.

A very dear cyber friend, Paula Nerhus recently took home one of my dolls. Its a huge compliment when another very talented artists sees something special in your work and brings one home. Please see Paula's work here ....amazing huh? Check out her flickr here

Paula is not only an incredible art doll aritst she is also a very very gifted photographer and she did the special favor of photographing Ellie, the doll she brought home and sent me the photos.

For the life of me I cannot figure out how to get those photos on my blog so I'm going to give you the link to my flickr account where you can view Paula's photography of a Loopy doll.

I was obviously blown away by her talent and work. Her images got me to start thinking on how to photograph my dolls in different ways. I have a long way to go to equal Paula's talent, but I'll keep at it.


Lurena Sheary Williamson said...

Photos look amazing! Love the aged look -very cool.

ODD imagination said...

Hi Colleen,
I would like to say that I totally agree with you; Paula's work is really great, including her photos. Her dolls are so unique and lovely. I would also like to say that I truly adore your work and have enjoyed watching the evolution of your dolls ever since I first discovered you on Etsy. You were my very first Etsy Love and Favorite in my shop! One of the reasons for that was not only that I fell in love with your work but your photos too! I thought how awesome it was to find a shop with such consistency in the photos which only added to the wonderful content contained within. I can hardly wait to see what happens as your photo taking skills excel to new artistic levels! I already love what you have done thus far.

LoopyBoopy said...

thank you so much ODD, what a wonderful compliment from a wonderfully talented artist. I do believe when selling on line that its essential to brand your work visually so you become easily identifiable. Thanks for reminding me of that:) In this learning process I will definetly be keeping that in mind.

Caroline said...

Great pics and wish mine came out that good. I keep trying and will figure it out one day.
Happy Valentines day :)