Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Abileen on Ebay

A quick post for today.  A wonderful customer and online friend is moving to her dream house and is having to downsize.  ThimblePrimStudios is a wonderful artist and supporter of artists, be sure to check out her blog. 

Having moved many times in my lifetime I absolutely understand the need to clear out when doing so.
For this reason she is selling some of her doll collection on Ebay which includes a loopy doll. 

Click on the first image to go to the auction and the second image to go to the sold listing with more images.

I wanted to let you know abou this auction.  Aibleen is one of my favorites with her little pony tails.  This may be an oppurtunity to pick up a loopy doll at a bit of a lower price as well as help out a dear artist friend.


SpiritMama said...

Oh boy, that is soooo tempting! I'd love to get my hands on her.

The Hermits' Garden said...

What a cool name for a doll! (I may be biased, being from TX...)

I hope she finds a wonderful home.

Evelyn's Wonderland said...

Hi Colleen, I am so happy that I visited your blog today. I wanted to let you know that I have won the auction and can't wait to welcome Abileen to her new home. I promise she will be very loved, I'm preparing a spot for her to sit right next to her sister Gisette.

I'm happy that I was able to help another artist and feel very lucky to have won the bid as well.

Wishing you a beautiful evening and best wishes to ThimblePrimStudios move,

LoopyBoopy said...

Hi Evelyn. Oh I'm so glad Abileen will be going home to you! How sweet of you!! Shes the doll in my profile picture on my blog and I've always had a special place for her in my heart. Thank you Evelyn for your support of artists! Be sure to check out Evelyns blog and work it is absolutely wonderful!

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