Thursday, April 1, 2010


I've had a re-occurring dream most of my life.

I'm walking down the hall of the school I graduated from, Onsted High in rural Michigan. It's a crowded hallway with all my classmates going about their business. All is normal except for the fact that I am naked. I know my clothes are in my locker but for some reason on this day I cannot find my locker and I search for it frantically to no avail throughout the dream.

There is a reason for relaying this dream. This week I had the privilege of being featured on the Etsy blog in the Quit Your Day Job series.

As artists we expose ourselves through our art all the time but I found I had to gather a lot of courage to expose myself in the literal sense, such as an interview. You may not believe this but I'm actually quite a private person.

The comments, emails and response I've received have been nothing less than amazing, quite overwhelming and humbling. Customers, friends and strangers have written me and commented with words of encouragement and support, some that have brought me to tears. This I did not expect.

I know I am blessed to be part of such a wonderfully, supportive and creative community. So here I am friends, naked in the hallway but this time I don't feel so frantic about covering up and have learned that exposing myself is perhaps not such a horrible thing.

I wonder if next time I have that dream it might possibly have a different ending. I'll keep you updated:)


Carol said...

Saying Hi from rural Northern Indiana.

I saw that interview on Etsy which led me to your blog. Ever wonder what others think your art represents about you? I love your dolls. Their eyes are haunting. Makes me wonder what you are showing us from deep in your soul.

Just a thought. Of course your dream speaks to your fear of exposing yourself even further to the art world. How will you be accepted. Very well I assure you. I suspect after the wishes you have received from fellow artists and appreciative voyeurs IF you have the dream again you will be dressed in flowing silk scarves in muted pastels. The locker will open and reveal masks and hats and you will be forced to select which to wear. (Hey, this is YOUR dream!) You must maintain your mystery you know.

Happy April Fools Day.
Carol in Indiana

Brian Blacknick said...

I found your interview on Etsy to be inspirational which led me to your blog. Your style is truly unique and your doll creations are wonderful!

oldblackcatboo said...

I also saw your interview on Etsy. I was so excited to read about the Most Fabulous Doll maker ever! I was nice to read about your journey and I feel so bad for you about the pain you have/are experiencing....I am wishing you happy and painfree days only!
I totally understand that dream, in "real" life it's hard to let people in sometimes, sure you can be a "social" person but there are so many people that just don't GET the art thing, the need to create. They don't understand, so it's easier to keep that area closed off from people. That's what I love about the online community, you can just open up and lay it out there and there are so many people being SO supportive! So anyway...
Congrats on the awesome thing you!
Love ya, Cindi!

Kaerie Faerie said...

All I can say is Thank You
I have learned so much from you on how to run a online business, I share your daily work experience, very similar to my own. So sorry to hear about your arthritis, good thing you live in a warm and humid environment now, as do I, it helps with the aches and pains of life. So glad to know you, and hope we can all get together next year and share some dolly hugs
your fairy friend

Sue said...

Colleen I loved reading your interview on Etsy. My goodness you ARE an inspiration to so many of us.
Thank you for sharing your thoughts and some of your life with us.

I hope you do get dressed soon though - pneumonia isn't fun LOL


EmptyKnits said...

Thank you for sharing so much about yourself and your work on Etsy! I love your dolls (it's rare that you find something that can be described as both creepy AND beautiful!), and I was thrilled when I saw you were being featured. It came at a particularly opportune time for me, since I've been experimenting with art dolls of the knitted-and-embroidered variety; whether I decide to put any in my shop or not, your story is a great inspiration to me as an Etsy seller and crafter. Thank you!

LoopyBoopy said...

thanks everyone for stopping by and for the words of support!

happy creating all!

V said...

I'm so grateful to Etsy for featuring you and your dolls! At first glance I fell in love with each and every one! I'm honored to be the new owner of the Alice doll shown at the top of your "Exposed" post. She wasn't my first choice but she grew on me and now I can't imagine having chosen another. Thank you for allowing us to experience LoopyBoopy and Colleen.

Sarah said...

I really enjoyed your interview so I am glad you exposed yourself! Maybe next time you will be wearing a dressing gown at least, as you walk down the corridor. When I used to have those sorts of dreams I was always wearing at least knickers!