Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween Business

What a busy busy week this will be, but fun busy-ness for sure. Halloween week is always a bit chaotic in this Loopy house. NoraLeigh's birthday is Novemeber 3rd and we are throwing her a big Halloween Birthday Bash on Friday so we have lots to do to ready the house for the event. As well costumes must be made. Of course there are no store bought costumes, they all must be original and handmade, by me or my sis. NoraLeigh and her BFF are going to be twin vampires, daddy a creepy clown and I suppose I will go ahead with the creepy clown attire as well.

Yesterday I helped my sister with her annual Halloween sale down in the French Quarter, I made myself the creepy head dress above for the occasion. This is always such a fun event with a boodle of artists showing and selling their best Halloween garb. We had a beautiful day in the sun and Chris made some great sales. If you haven't gotten your Halloween costume yet be sure to check out her shop, Avantegarb .

She always has something incredibly wacky and unique just for you!

And somewhere in all this busy- ness I have to find time to make a couple of dolls and take care of business. Oh I'm not complaining really, all of this stuff is fun. Now the business of the next big holiday..Christmas, that one I may actually complain about.


Kaerie Faerie said...

You are too wild, love the head-piece, the neighborhood looks so enchanting and seriously old, so cool
love the outfits, I have a pair of Doc Martins too LOL
Happy Birthday to your daughter, and have a great Halloween

Yve said...

I love the skellie headband - I haven't worn Doc's in sooo long, miss them :o)

LoopyBoopy said...

My sister is the real wild woman:) My tutu wearing days are probably over.

My boots are actually Harley Davidson boots:) I love em.

Pattee said...

What a fun post to read Colleen and the pictures are GREAT too! I'll go visit your sisters shop~

Say Happy Birthday to Nora~

Manda said...

I absolutely love your dolls, and just wanted to let you know that I've featured one of them over at :) Keep up the good work!

oldblackcatboo said...

First - Happy Birthday to your daughter NoraLeigh!
Second - I adore your work, I just sit and stare at it in envy! You are so talented! I just created my first Paperclay doll (I posted her on my blog for critiques)I have such a looonnnngggg way to go before I can even get CLOSE to your level of excellence!
I bow to your greatness.

Sue said...

Love the headdress you made Colleen! You look so cute!

I think that your party is going to be fabulous!

Good luck at getting everything done!

SpiritMama said...

What fun! Have a happy b-day Halloween party for NoraLeigh.

My baby boy will be 1 on Nov 2nd!