Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Annette and Desiree

You can read of Annette's demise here

and Desiree's here
I think these two are going to be the last of my 7717 St. Charles Street series for the time being. I've been having so much fun making them and have many many more stories to come but am feeling the need to work on some new ideas.
Desiree is the last one available at this time.


Pattee said...

I love them both and will be sorry to see this line end... for now....

But I understand the need to do new things... unfortunately I am always doing many new things and never finishing the old!

Mealy Monster Land said...

love this series, but looking forward to seeing your new ideas!!

3rdEyeMuse said...

this really has been such a wonderful series (I think Desiree just might be my personal fav) ... looking forward to what's coiming next. :)