Monday, February 2, 2009

Computer Blues and My Poor Blog

Without a computer for to two weeks! Arghhh, what hasn't suffered, other than my housekeeping, My poor blog most significantly though. So I'm taking a moment on my sisters computer just to post a few new pieces. Hope to be back to my regularly scheduled computer life soon:)


Sue said...

Colleen, having been in your computer 'shoes' before, I know how aggravating it is! Thank goodness your sis lives nearby and you can borrow computer time.

Your new pieces are wonderful (as always!).

I hope your computer is fixed soon!



pinkglitterfae said...

that's a long time without a computer! I would be begging neighbors if I had to, lol!
Thanks for posting your newest pieces. You have the coolest, most unique dolls I have ever seen!

SpiritMama said...

Hopefully less time on the computer= more time in the studio? I love your new dolls, they are gorgeous!!!

alimaky_woodedwoods said...

bah computers.... I love how your costuming is progressing. so pretty and elegant

Daydreamer :) said...

Glad to see you back and posting.
Heather :)

Micki said...

Damn computers eh?
I love all the dolls but I absolutely adore the bottom one holding the heart, she's fantastic!

Micki x

Rosanna said...

They are beautiful. Sorry to hear about your computer woes. Good luck.


As Seen Through My Eyes.... said...

I love these pieces......particularly the one holding her heart. So is held so close, so protectively....I love your work.

Anonymous said...

I feel for you!
Look forward to seeing you back around.