Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New Girlies

Sally Ann

There, there sweet blog, I have not abandoned you.  Just been so very busy and you seem to get lost in the shuffle. 

Just wanted to show off some  new girlies and let you know what I've been up to.

Looks like a couple of my gals will be going to California as I'm excited to be part of The Dollmakers show at the Cactus Gallery   Lots of my friends and dolly buddies will be showing as well.  Be sure to visit their blog for updates on the show and the work available.

I've also been working on the Artists Lending Support facebook page.   This is a beautiful story of the collarboration of aritsts and members of the ALS community working together to raise funds and awareness of a dreadful disease.    If you are an artist, I encourage you to get involved by donating a piece of work to raise funds for ALS research and support.   All the details are on the fan page or you can contact me directly if you'de like to get invovled.  

Julie Ann

I've also been working my fanny off making new dolls, taking care of my little family and trying to enjoy the spring weather.

Things are good in loopyland:)


Artes da Libélula said...

I like too many of your dolls. I look sad and lovely, like a feeling of nostalgia.

Darlene said...

Julie Ann is amazing, as are all of your art dolls.
Congrats on some of your dolls going to the Cactus Gallery, thats an awesome collection of gifted artists.
I'll have to check out the Artistic Lending Support on facebook, thanks for pasting this info on.