Saturday, November 26, 2011

Things I'm Thankful for

Yes, my belly is full, too full in fact,  my house is warm and my family is safe and healthy.  I have a wonderfully supportive and quirky husband, a especially talented and beautiful daughter, basically a perfect  little family that I adore.    When you actually take the time to think of the things you can be thankful for it is really quite easy and fills you with a sense of calm and gratitude.

I have been blessed beyond these very simple yet valued things and am glad for the season to help remind me just how very blessed I have been.  I get to create art for a living!  Its not something I take for granted and can never fully express my gratitude to those who support and  appreciate what I do.   My work is absolutely an extension of who I am and for others to enjoy and acknowledge that is one of the greatest gifts I've been offered in life. 

I also want to share with you some work that is currently available in my shop.   These dolls are from  a  series I'm working on called The Orphans of New Orleans Past.  At 1432 Magazine Street there is an old building that once was St. Mary's Orphanage, operating in  the late 1800's.   Of course the orphanage is now closed and I believe the building abandoned.    When I drive by this building I can't help but wonder about the children that ended up there, who their parents were and under what circumstances a child ends up in an orphanage.   These dolls names, birth dates,  parents and addresses are inspired by historical periods in New Orleans history,  they are the children I imagine lived at 1432 Magazine Street.

Bridgette Millaudon, Orphan of Uptown

born April 26, 1908
mother - debutante Celeste Millaudon
father - unnamed
last known address: 6008 St. Charles Ave. New Orleans, LA

Simone Lamothe, Orphan of Storyville

born Sept 24, 1901
mother - Francis Lamothe
father - unknown
last known address: 345 Basin Street, New Orleans

Beatrice Hooper, Orphan of the Vieux Carre

born May 17, 1906
mother - albino performer Ceclia Hooper
father - fire eater Raymond Hooper
last known address: 675 Decatur Street


DellaRae said...

Colleen, your work gets more expressive each time I view it. I cherish my tooth fairy...but look how far you have come. I missed seeing you this Thanksgiving. Here's hoping we see each other soon. Hope you, Lee, and Norah Leigh have a wonderful Christmas.

Connie Turner said...

Colleen I have been enjoying your blog for over a year now. The short bios of the orphans suggest so much. I remember another series you were doing about a particular address where the people who moved in all died in unusual ways. I think it was on Charles Street.
Connie Turner

oldblackcatboo said...

I am thankful for you, for the magic you create and thankful for my "Rachelle" who greets me every morning when I come down to my kitchen to make my coffee.

Daydream Retreat said...

Haven't been by in a while, still love your work and plan to add more to my collection. Your blog is looking great too! Happy Holidays!

jill2day said...

these orphans are just fantastic. So much insight in just a bit of biography!