Thursday, September 22, 2011

Admitting my Computer Inadequacies

dpi, pdf files, image size, photoshop...ackkk, it all drives me crazy.  

So I threw in the towel and decided to let a new and very dear Internet friend of mine make me some new business cards and postcards.    I am so thrilled with my experience that I just must share with y'all.  Above is the front side of my new postcard....I love it!!

I met PhanieMarie on Etsy and we immediately hit it off, she is whacky, smart, cute and talented.   Once I took a peek at her work I realized she was going to be more than an Internet buddy, she was gonna be my new graphic design artist!

What a relief to just hand it all over to her and let her create and work.   She designed and ordered all the promotional stuff I need for my upcoming Carnival of Saints and Souls show  and I can not be more than delighted with what she has done for me.

Not only did she come up with an amazing design that I immediately fell in love with, she lead me in the right direction for professional printing and delivery.

If your a computer boob like myself these kind of things can drive one crazy!   Deciding to hand it off to a professional was the best decision I ever made!!

Please check out Phanies work in her Etsy shop   or her website  where she offers services of photo restoration and more.


42 things said...

and it's beautiful! phanie is wonderful.

My Little Angel Co. said...

She certainly did a beautiful job!!

Selkie said...

I love Phanie! she did such a great job on my shop banner - a total sweetheart too.

I love your dolls by the way!

Amber Leilani said...

wow! you are sooo lucky to have found someone who does such a great job!
i cannot tell you what horrible experiences i've had with business cards, logos, name it!!
i'm definitely going to check her out!!