Thursday, May 26, 2011

Some new Dolls and Summer Plans


As the summer months near and people are looking forward to getting outside, down here in the bayou I am preparing to hole up for the next three months in my cool, air conditioned home.  Perhaps its the combination of the stifling heat and effects of mid-life that makes it nearly unbearable to step outside.  It seems to get worse each year, to the point some days I believe I just may die from sweating too much.  I try to take it in stride, as I know many up north have been holed up for months themselves, hunkering down in the winter snow.  With the good comes the bad in most everything I suppose. 

I do look forward to spending time with NoraLeigh.  She plans to learn how to cook this summer.  She has really taking a liking to the culinary arts, which I also that should be fun and yummy.  My sister has just moved to a kind of commune in Mississippi, near by.  She has a lovely pond, peace and serenity on a secluded 20 acre plot.  Obviously we plan to spend a lot of time out there. 

With summer vacations and the busy-ness of being mommy dolly creations, as usual slows down.  I'll be creating and sharing whenever I can find the time, but no doubt it will not be as often as usual. 

So with that, I'd like to share some new pieces I've been working on.

Daphne and Deliah


DellaRae said...

Your dolls are wonderful, as usual, Colleen. Are you planning any trips to FL this summer. Would love to see you and Nora Leigh....and Lee!

Poe said...

Stay cool, summer can be icky at times, but it's also those balmy, firefly filled nights that inspire the most creation.

Evelyn's Wonderland said...

Your dolls are so beautiful! Oh I'm dying of heat here in South Florida. I think it might be my age too, I feel it get hotter and hotter...I need to move a little north.
Wishing you a beautiful summer!

JDConwell said...

Over here in San Antonio we're doing the same...pulling in from the heat. I LOVE the deep red on the new dollies.

Amy said...

god crap, i love coming to this blog.

yesh, i totally do.

LoopyBoopy said...

LOL Amy, your post literally made me laugh out loud. Can I include god crap in my list of explecatives:)

Della, I hope to make it to FL this summer. We got to go to Michigan to see my family first though. Definetly will try to hook up if we make it.

thanks for stopping by y'all..stay cool!

Elizabeth Parsons said...

love your dolls! I am so with you about heat and getting older- I can't seem to stay outside anymore like I used to! Yes, bless the man who invented air conditioning...

Cathy said...

I love the hair of Daphne and Delilah. Red hairs are pretty, eh. :)

Cathy@nursing uniforms