Wednesday, April 6, 2011


So often I hear the remarks that my dollies must be inspired by Tim Burton.  It's interesting to me as I am a fan of Tim Burtons work and do love his characters but I wouldn't call myself a huge fan.  I've seen most of his movies once, some maybe twice but that's it.

I think inspirations may trickle down and perhaps Tim Burton was a fan of whom I believe I'm most inspired by, Margaret Keane.  Keanes prints were iconic in my youth.  I had a number of them on my walls and remember laying on my pink chenille bedspread admiring the artists work and identifying with the images.  She was a master at capturing emotion and depth, most entirely through the eyes.

I was feeling pretty excited recently when I created Eleanor.  One of the limitations I've been running into in creating my dolls is with their eyes.  The element I use lends toward a sideways look, so I have been feeling a bit trapped in that expression.  With Eleanor I decided to really play with the eyes and was delighted when I got her to look straight ahead, resembling even more a Keane painting.

Of course I'm not trying to copy Keane's work but am intrigued with the emotion she captures through her big eyes and try to do something similar in my medium.   I'm excited to play with this newly learned trick of mine and see what I can create, I feel likes it's opened a door of expressions I wouldn't have been able to achieve before.


ODD imagination said...

Thank you for introducing me to an artist I was not even aware of! I can really see the likeness in your newest doll. Her eyes are looking straight at me! What a soulful look you have acheived. I wouldn't really liken your dolls to Tim Burton. They have a look and personality that is truly their own. I find that anything with a bit of goth, dark eyes, etc... really pulls that comment out of people. I get that comment too. Funny, though, I never really see it as a compliment... :o)

LoopyBoopy said...

Hey Odd, thanks for stopping by. Your right about childlike pieces with a goth spin always getting likened to Tim Burton. I guess he is the mainstream of goth:)

Yes check out Margaret Keanes work, its so wonderful! Thanks for your compliments~!!!

oldblackcatboo said...

I agree with ODD, most people just think of Tim Burton because that's the only goth that they have seen or maybe a little bit of Edward Gorey... I'm trying to think if I have ever commented about Tim Burton to you? I think that I might have but I didn't mean that you were inspired by him, I just thought that YOU could create a even MORE amazing film with your dolls, clowns, hedgehogs....Now THAT would be a movie that I would watch over and over again!
I do remember the paintings of Keanes but I'm sure that it won't surprise you that my heart went out to the work of Gig. The paintings were of poor abandoned cats and puppies in alleys...I was a sucker for a stray even way back then! LOL!
Anyway...sorry for the ramble!
Eleanor is WONDERFUL!
:) - Cindi

Amber Leilani said...

the name margaret keane rings a bell with me, but that portrait doesn't...weird! but i like it and i can see why you are inspired by her work.
i too get the tim buton thing pretty regularly, and i agree with ODD imagination...i think if it even seems remotetly dark or goth, most mainstream people associate that with tim burton. i am a fan of his - i've loved his work since beetlejuice, but he's not the only inspiration for me and i don't think my dolls look tim burton-y at all!
i was noticing a few days ago that most of your dolls do look sideways and i love that about them ( wonder why..) but i think it's wonderful that you have figured out how to get the look from them that you want! yay!

Yve said...

I think the Tim Burton/Edward Gorey label gets flung around so much because that is many people's only reference for darker whimsy. I'm approximately the same vintage as Tim Burton, and so grew up with all the same influences. If there is a similarity people see it's because we were exposed to the same films/books/art/music at an impressionable age, I'm sure you are the same. That's not knocking TB's work in any way, I love many of his older films.

Edward Gorey is a funny one for me as I never saw any of his work until recently, I guess he never published anything in Britain/Europe because he is someone I haven't heard or or seen at all until a few years ago... so I'm often bemused that people say they can see he was an influence on my dolls/drawing/writing!

I think it's all part of that need to put artists in boxes. I think of your dolls as uniquely you and I'm not surprised that your true inspiration bears no resemblance to your dolls except for the emotion in the eyes. Your the one who is becoming an inspiration I think :o)

JDConwell said...

I remember this lady's work, but confess I did not know her name. You are exactly right--iconic is a good word for it.

LoopyBoopy said...

Thanks ladies for stopping by and sharing your thoughts, I appreciate your input.

I certianly in no way meant to imply the comparison to TB was a bad thing, he is excellent at what he does, no doubt (though I do think he destroyed one of my favorites Alice in Wonderland)

I couldn't find a link for Margaret Keane but if you google her or Walter Keane, her husband and the name she signed to her paintings interestingly enough, you'll find some more of her work.

No BlackCat it doesn't surprise me you were a fan of Gig: simliar styles just different subject matter. who couldn't resist those sad puppy eyes!!

LoopyBoopy said...

hehee, it's obvious I'm a bit older than all you gals:)

Anthropomorphica said...

I think because Tim Burton's the only mainstream alternative creator out there ( although that's a paradox in itself ;)) that it's natural that someting a little dark is attributed to his influence. I'd take it as a compliment though.

msteeleart said...

Wonderful sculpture and I love the painting too. I never realized until you mentioned this that the eyes in your dolls look sideways. I just started back to dollmaking/sculpting after a 2 year hiatus. :)

Pattee said...

I love Elenor and I also love your dolls that have that sideways look... to me that one of your many trademarks!
XX Pattee