Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Blogs Of Note

Oh my poor poor blog. I have been so busy of late with the gallery show coming and the busy Halloween season upon us that I haven't even looked at the poor thing in over a month. Well you can imagine my surprise when this morning I decided to tend to my little space on the web to find a huge increase in traffic, comments and new followers.

With the help of google I discovered Blogs Of Note and found that my blog had been featured. Please check out the site there are gobs of great blogs to check out recommened by blogger.

So I'd like to thank all the new visitors for your comments and for choosing to follow my blog. I typically post more frequently that I have been in the last month or so and hope you'll enjoy my artwork and various meandorings on life.

As mentioned I've been working on Halloween pieces and below you can check out some of what I've been working on.


Anonymous said...

Yesterday or the day before, I'd added your blog to the reading list on Peasant Under Glass.

I had no idea there was a site called Blogs of Note...that's what I titled my blog list. Too funny.

Yve said...

How cool! I didn't know there was a Blog of note site either, congrats for being featured Colleen :o)

Evolet said...

I discovered your blog through blogs of note

oldblackcatboo said...

I'm happy to see a post but I totally understand how busy you are creating your fantastic dolls.
Congrats on Blogs of Note!
It's always such a treat to see your dolls!

Pattee said...

Congratulations Colleen!!!

I too was shocked, flabbergasted that I too was on Blogs of Note as I never had heard of it... suddenly I had all these followers and comments so I too googled it and WOW! Who would have known....

Have fun with Jacqui~
Hugs Pattee

Evelyn's Wonderland said...

Congratulations on Blogs of Note!

I love your new Halloween pieces and totally understand how busy you must be. Wishing you a beautiful day!

Marisa Stein said...

Congrats on being listed!

Škorčica said...

Congratulations! :)

I didn't know about that "Blogs of note" - interesting!

As always - lovely dolls!

Donut Queen said...

Love your art-and the blog in general!
I also found you in Blogs of Note while starting my blog: Donuts College and Treasure Hunts
Can't wait to see more of your stunning work :)
**Donut Queen

Mitzi Miles-Kubota, Painting and Writing for REAL said...

A cyberspace friend turned me on to your site. I LOVE THESE! So expressive. So otherworldly. Going to love following you.

Amanda Marie said...



Erin Hopkins said...

I found this blog through blogs of note, and I'm so glad I did - your work is gorgeous, I'm in love.