Monday, June 7, 2010

Greed and the Gulf Coast

Our Mother Earth has a gaping wound and continues to bleed because of greed.
No dolls in this post and no images of the subject because we've all seen them and frankly they only make me cry.
Of course because I'm from New Orleans I have a personal interest in this current man made disaster. The last time it was mother nature and though the wrath of Katrina was devastating, what we are facing now I fear is far worse.
Our wetlands and wildlife will suffer for years to come. Our local economy will not be the same for a very long time. Animal life, people, the earth... we all will suffer.
Though I blame BP and feel they are responsible, I can't help but feel a bit of the responsibility lies on my own and each of our shoulders. I've begun to rethink mine and my families need and use of energy, plastics and oil. Changes have been made and we will continue to make an effort to reduce our reliance on these companies product. I hope the rest of the world will give this some thought as well.
I've recently made a donation of one of my dolls to a shop on Etsy that is a collaboration of artists, vintage and supplies sellers that have come together to raise money for the clean up on the Gulf Coast, Help the Gulf Coast. 100% of the proceeds go toward helping with the clean up.
If your an artist, perhaps you would like to donate to the cause. Or perhaps you'll find something of interest within the shop that you can't live without. Every little bit each of us does helps.
As I've stated many times in my blog New Orleans and the Gulf Coast region is very near and dear to my heart and this recent series of events has my heart aching, but it's not only my personal home that I cry for it's the earth and the horrid things we do to her that really has made me so very sad. I do hope this is a huge lesson learned and that all of us will take the time to stop and think about what we are doing to this beautiful planet we all call home.


oldblackcatboo said...

Every time I turn on the TV, my heart hurts. I can not stand to see what has happened to the wildlife, the poor animals covered in the thick oily mess. All the people, their families, the generations that will be affected by this horrible tragedy. I feel like screaming at the unfairness of it all. The amount of time and failed attempts at stopping this leak and money being poured into advertising as damage control instead of helping the communities...I sit in my safe little house and feel ashamed and saddened at how ever I may have contributed to this greed....I will go to the Etsy shop and see what I can find and try to help in a very small way.

Anonymous said...

It's...astonishing. Dumbfounding. Horrifying.

We're watching the start of (man-made) ecological collapse the likes of which has never before been seen here in the states.

And yes, we're all responsible.

Škorčica said...

It is really terrible what is happening.
But of course the worst thing is, that money still turns the world around and I'm afraid that the responsible ones will not feel any consequences for what they did.

I'm also angry and mostly sad to see in which direction we're all going to with all the greed and insensitivity.

Yve said...

Just find it unbelievable that they are still going to hand millions in profit to their shareholders while this is still going on. These spills happen time and again, here in Wales they totally wrecked a beautiful nature reserve at Milfdord Haven, doesn't matter that the damage was eventually "repaired", the devastation to wildlife and local communities is untold. Why are these huge companies allowed to carry on their destructive business when they repeatedly show they have not put enough thought into stopping these disasters happening in the first place?