Monday, February 22, 2010

Fabric Bliss

If your anything like me you are always on the hunt for that fine vintage fabric and lace
I use almost all recycled and fabrics on my dolls as I feel they just don't make the stuff like the used to. The cottons were softer, the silk was silkier and the lace was more scumptous, the organza crisper and so on.

So when my sister Corky brought me this 1940's wedding dress from Michigan I nearly did a back flip in sheer delight. I cannot begin to describe the yards and yards of ivory silk fabric this dress is made from, the French net cotton lace or the crisp cotton toole. Oh my, I will be using these fabrics for years to come there is so much of it. Another bonus to vintage fabrics is they are all made from organic fibers so they all take dye wonderfully.

Oh and I must add that this dress is a wreck..stains, holes a bit of dry rot on some of the lace. I would never, ever cut up a vintage dress that is still y'all can exhale:)

So I must say a special thanks to my very dear sister Corky. Please check out her vintage shop on Etsy CorkSpork, she always has seriously yummy stuff!! Thanks again sis, love you!!

Alright off to dress this dolly with my new stash.


essie said...

Ohhhh you lucky duckie ;)
Can't wait to see this dollie finished.


oldblackcatboo said...

That is so cool! I can just imagine what you are going to do with it!
Ya know, sisters can be a pain sometimes but then they turn around and do something thoughtful and awesome to make you forget the silly crappy stuff.

ODD imagination said...

I am breathing easier now that you told me there are holes and stains and such. Whew! I always seem to have great unease when cutting into something that isn't actually "ruined". :o)
Love ya!

Yarrow said...

Hello, I've been following your blog for nearly a year now, but just lurking in the shadows :) I've begun to dabble with doll making, but they are nowhere near as good as yours. It all takes time though, and I'm just loving playing at it. I love your fabric and adore your little Alice :)

Sue said...

WHEEEE....I totally understand!! LOL - I think this is why I got into vintage clothing, because I was always searching out textiles to use on my pieces. Fortunately, for my dolls, a lot of what I find is not salvageable for wearing.

Congrats on your new acquisition! Yummy!


Kaerie Faerie said...

you are sooo lucky what a find, I'm always on the hunt for fabrics, Florida is not that great for fabrics, I do most of my hunting in Chicago
looking forward to seeing all the dresses etc.
your fairy friend

LoopyBoopy said...

Kaerie, New Orleans is the same way. I never find good stuff here.

ODD...I would never cut up a perfectly good vintage item. Funny enough I have no problem cutting up something new (if you read my new post you'll understand:) Vintage is too precious. New not so much

Thanks for stopping by Yarrow and everyone else!!

DellaRae said...

I understand about cutting up. I have a friend who was throwing her 1960 wedding dress (from a previous husband) away. I brought it home and it hangs in my closet. I thought her daughter or granddaughter would want it someday. It looks like I was wrong. They laughed at me for taking it...but I can't seem to cut it up or get rid of it.