Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Mostly Zoe is a good girl. Shes not sure why she sometimes feels compelled to pull the legs off grasshoppers or kick the cat. Other than that though, mostly shes a good girl.

Zoe is another large size doll, measuring approx 14" tall. I've been playing with different sizes and expressions. She actually has a forehead, which most of my dolls have very little of. She has an entirely different armature than I've ever done before as well. Lots of wire inside her, making her very sturdy.

Feel like I'm always learning new things in this crazy world of art dolls:)


Lisa said...

she is out of this world adorable! her outfit is so chic.. I just love her.. all her details and her beautiful face.. she is the best!

LoopyBoopy said...

Thanks so much Lisa, what a nice compliment! So great to hear such wonderful feedback.

(you have the cutest haircut in your avatar by the way:)

Pattee said...

She's really wonderful Colleen...
You have really been doing at doing new and different dolls!

niknik said...

Ваши куклы такие милые и трогательные, даже плохие девочки прекрасны!