Friday, January 9, 2009

Working for a Living

About two years ago I quit my day job. That sounds funny to me because I haven't actually had a job where I had to leave the house in almost 10 years. I did sell junque on Ebay for years and two years ago I quit the junk and started selling art.

Though rewarding to sell my art for a living, it is also very distracting. Long hours of working on a piece for the pure joy of doing it are gone. Now I have to consider price points, buyer interest, whats marketable....yuck.

Thank goodness for my Stump Kids. I love to make them and they are in the right price range for most of my customers. The kids are my bread and butter right now (personally I prefer that bread toasted, but ya'll know what I mean)

My true desire as an artist is to delve into the new doll making techniques I have been learning. Hence the bust, whoever came up with the idea of a bust, I want to kiss you. Busts are all the fun parts of a human figure wrapped up in a cute little package. Making these bust have satisfied that desire and because they dont' take all the time of legs and full body clothing they stay in a price range that most buyers can afford. I love the bust!!

So currently I feel pretty torn between creating art and selling art. I guess it's not such a bad dilemma when I consider I could be working the 9-5 and not be doing any art. YIKES


Gail Lackey said...

Ohh the busts are so cool! I;m so jealous of you living there and that you can check out the cemetaries in New Orleans! I think it can bring so much into that creative energy that we all so want to tap into!! Whooo hooo.. I'm coming to visit you@!!!
Big hugz comin your way!
Gail...(oh ya..& mis "P")...geez..(mis Pain)...don't tell her...

Yve said...

Your dolls are lovely and it must be so fantastic to have New Orleans as a backdrop. I've never been, but fell in love after reading Interview with the Vampire as an impressionable teen!
I think having to balance unfettered creativity and commercial reality are what all artists have to consider, unless you want to do the "starving in a garrett" bit. We are all lucky though, as we are doing what we love. The best bit with your dolls, is that other people love them too! :o)

Sue said...

hmmm, good post and I can
identify with where you are coming from. When I sold on Ebay, I was constantly torn. I was sculpting cute, pretty little faeries but a large
part of me wanted to go with the uglies, the sad, the pathos. Faeries sell, some of the other doesn't.

I find the market on Etsy is broader and I'm now enjoying creating pieces that are out of the norm for me.

I think having to balance unfettered creativity and commercial reality are what all artists have to consider,

Exactly Yve!

Odddollz by Jacqui said...

Thanks for sharing what you do:)
The grass always looks greener ont he other side eh. I dream of being able to stay ome and play with clay....not that I have a "real" job anyway but I just want more time!!! more time for dolls:)


Itsy Bitsy Funzy Onesie said...

this is so true to home for me and probably many of us.
I am still in the throws of ebay and hope to ditch it soon. hopefully, I can quite my ebay job soon too!