Monday, October 11, 2010

Artists of the Carnival of Saints and Souls Show

I'm assuming if you are follow my blog you are a fan of art dolls, and if so you are in for a treat here. This post is full of photos and links so I apologize to those with a slow connection, but believe me it will be worth the wait. This is the first of two posts.

I recently had the amazing pleasure of meeting some of the most inspiring and creative women in the art doll world at the Carnival of Saints and Souls gallery opening here in New Orleans. I was blessed to be able to remain in my home town and have all of these women come to me for a showing at the Poets Gallery. Showing my work with so much talent was truly an honor.

I'm am more than delighted to introduce you to a few of them.

Here is a photo of Miss Christy Kane and myself and yes she is as delightfully wacky as she appears. Christy curated the show, bringing all this talent together and as well creates the most intriguing cloth dolls I have ever laid my eyes on. Please be sure to check out her work on her Facebook page or her Etsy shop. Friend her, follow her, I promise you will not be disappointed with what you'll find. Below is one of her dollies I hope to own one day.

Saint Agnes of Rome - Patron Saint of Purity

Next up is Lateefah Wright, you can also find her work on Etsy. I have been a huge fan of Lateefah's work for a very long time and to finally meet her was a real treat. Her work is so moving and I have to admit I expected her to be a bit of an art snob and was really nervous but to my sheer delight she turned to be one of the sweetest people I have met in a long time, a real live doll and gentle spirit, though you wouldn't guess it from her work. There is so much passion, power, mystery, otherworldliness, feminity in Lateefahs work, I really don't have the words to describe how her dolls inspire me, though I've obviously tried:)

Sheri DeBow is next. Sheri is what would call a beautiful tornado. She has soo much positive energy flowing from her, it truly smacks you in the face and says "life is beautiful and you must enjoy every moment of it" It's infectious and being around Sheri is truly a gift one must recognize. Her dolls are beyond beautiful. So much detail and little tiny things to look at. Their little faces, well you just want to kiss them. I felt very fortunate to talk with Sheri about what inspires her dolls, her fears and hopes and having done so the dolls speak to me even more so.

and here is St. Flora, who almost brings me to tears every time I look at her

There are more artists that I want to share with you but also don't want to overwhelm you so I will stop for now. Look for future posts with equally amazing artists from the show and in the meantime you can see photos from the show and the dolls for sale at the Poets Gallery Facebook page or here is a link to the artists albums. If your interested in purchasing any of the dolls from the show please write Jeanne Noir, the gallery owner from the Poets page. Shes a real sweetheart and art doll supporter!


DellaRae said...

Congratulations Colleen, I know you and your dolls were a great success at the show...and lucky you to meet these ladies!

ostrich girl said...

Awwwww Colleen! I love you girly!!! I can't wait for our "dolly-trade secrets weekend" I felt so honored to be with YOU!!!!!! And thankyou for taking us out to play!!!! Your town is magical and so are you!!!!

Mealy Monster Land said...

so very happy for you Colleen! looks like it was a great success and lots of good times were had!
so very jealous you all got to meet, lol, next time a event of this magnitude happens I am hitching a ride or something to get there!! so many awesome dolls to feast my eyes on and so many admired doll artists to meet!!
what a event!

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